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A Message from Excel Domestics

  • It is with utmost pleasure that I bring to your attention that some of the Ethiopian/Eritrean Home Helpers that I placed earlier on in the life of Excel Domestics, now, own and operate Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Gift Shops, Flower Shops, Hot Dog Stands and other businesses here in Washington, DC, all over Virginia, Maryland, and in some other States here and there.

  • Others yet, are now housewives and are calling for nannies!   Thank God!  Some are working in different professions and fields, like Registered Nurses, Accountatnts, Secretaries, Economists, Medical Doctors, and down the line.  


  • After having worked in Great Falls for ten years, one of Excel Domestics' Helpers went to the centuries-old-Ethiopian-Orthodox-Monastery in Jerusalem to become a nun. Now, she is back in the US and busy praying for all of us, for the whole world.

         In Ethiopia, we address nuns as "Emahoy."   Mother Angelica, for example, would be Emahoy Angelica. This time, it is Emahoy Abeba.   Hurray!

Thank you America!  

  • I'm proud to be the force behind all those entrepreneurs, housewives, and professionals; and also I am proud to say that, in this business, I am the trendsetter in my community and happy to see that some individuals are following in my footsteps.

  • I never cease to pray that, with your help, and together, we will create more and more successful individuals that contribute to the economic growth of our host country.

Wholeheartedly, I say

God Bless the United States of America!

Guenet Zekiros
For Excel Domestics


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