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Established in 1986, Excel Domestics has placed countless home-helpers of different nationalities and backgrounds in many of the finest homes in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and nearby Maryland.   Very far in between, we have also succeeded in placing a few individuals in Richmond, Virginia Beach, and further up North, in Delaware, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York.   At four different instances, we have succeeded in placing helpers in Michigan for various Ethiopian employers.   Nevertheless, our forte seems to be around the Washington, DC Metropolitan area as specified above.

My name is Guenet Zekiros.   I am the Owner and Manager of Excel Domestics.   I am, originally, from Ethiopia and have lived in the United States long enough to understand the spirit of free enterprise along with the spirit of being of service to others while helping oneself at one and the same time.   I have travelled far and wide in three continents, Africa, Europe, and finally, the United States.   In the process, I have, needless to say, worked in different offices from Ethiopian Airlines in Addis to UNESCO in Paris, United Nations and Wall Street and a fairly large enterprise in Harlem, New York and so on, and so forth.   Thus, exposure to different life-styles, different cultures, was inevitable.

This enriching experience in cross-cultural relations has afforded me an invaluable guidance in my effort to find the right bilingual or multilingual candidates with the skills, personality and style to effortlessly blend into a particular home.

The majority of the individuals that I place are mostly Ethiopians and Eritreans (formerly Ethiopia) for a simple reason that I believe I know how people in my community think and move.   Our culture dictates love for children, respect for the elderly, and compassion for the handicapped and/or the home-bound.   We may not know how to bake an apple pie; "We're Teachable!"   The main thing is to have the right ingredient to fit into any culture; we make an honest effort, whereas in some instances, it all happens effortlessly.   The rest will fall into place in due time.

Allow me here to say that my past experience has created what advertising cannot buy: a promotional network of rapidly spreading word of mouth that reached clients ranging from discreet private homes to prominent business people and media personalities.

Here at Excel Domestics, we do not limit ourselves to Ethiopian/Eritrean candidates only.   If our clients call for other nationalities, and if we don't have them on file, we will find them.   Your wish is our command.

In the end; One God, One Species.   It's a question of discerning the bad apples from the good. I personally meet every candidate to ensure a sensible fit.

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