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Excel Domestics specializes in placing:

Nannies/Baby Sitters

In charge of all responsibilities pertaining to children of all ages; this includes doing the children's laundry, preparing their meals, (with a little guidance, perhaps), cleaning their bedrooms and play-areas, and more depending on situtaions; last but not least, driving young ones to-and-from school and after school activities.

House Keepers

Thorough cleaning of the house, doing the laundry for the whole family if need be, cooking in some instances and possibly after-school child care when and if circumstances require.

Male & Female Nurse's Aides, Certified Nursing Assistants, Companions for the Elderly, the Handicapped & the Homebound no matter what age!

This is not a situation, like all others, where one size-fits-all.   Those who need assistance come in differenct shapes and patterns.   We are flexible.   We clean, we cook, we feed (if neccessary), we bathe, and we drive, we keep company, we talk, we pray, we smile!

Chauffeurs & Drivers, Male and Female

Clean driving records; willing to wear uniforms, if you desire.   Ready to travel.

Guenet Zekiros.

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